Calls Mounting In South Africa For Police Body Cameras

Written by Staff

From TheConversation. Story by Gráinne Perkins.

Incidents of police brutality are an ongoing problem in South Africa and body camera technology may help reduce them in the wake of several high-profile cases.

The argument for the use of police body cameras is gaining momentum in South Africa, amid growing demand for greater police accountability, especially in the wake of the Marikana massacre.

Those in favor say cameras provide additional protection for the police from public complaints and may even reduce the costs to the state from civil claims.

The cameras are typically worn on the chests of police officers. Their use is becoming common globally.

South Africa has a high rate of police murders. Police say they are discussing the use of technology, including body cameras, for the safety of officers and improving communication.

Criminologist Andrew Faull suggested body cameras could improve the ability of police management to monitor officers’ interactions with civilians in a recent examination of allegations of police inefficiency in Khayelitsha township.

Traffic officers who took part in a pilot project wearing body cameras said their actions were questioned less by the public who knew they were being recorded.


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