Microjobs Service Crowd Mobile Expands Into Africa

Microjobs Service Crowd Mobile Expands Into Africa

Crowd Mobile, the Australian operator of crowdsourced question-and-answer mobile apps such as What Would Jesus Do, Bongo Thinks, and Passion for Fashion, plans to launch services in South Africa.

Its products and services allow millions of customers globally to crowdsource answers to various questions, paying a fee for each answer received — around 2 Australian dollars, $1.44 US or 19 rand — according to ZDNet.

With a South African population of more than 50 million 40-percent smartphone penetration, the supply agreement represents a substantial growth opportunity for Crowd Mobile, said CEO Domenic Carosa, ARNNet reported.

In addition to selling content about fashion, gossip and Christianity, Crowd Mobile facilitates mobile payment transactions in 25 countries connected to about 60 mobile telcos, Bloomberg reports.

It has a global network of more than 1000 “crowd-source experts” operating in more than 40 countries and 28 different languages.

The service agreement with South Africa “is consistent with Crowd Mobile’s organic geographic expansion strategy of more than doubling its m-payment distribution network,” Carosa said. “We are very excited about capitalizing on the opportunities in South Africa and adding additional revenue streams.”

Crowd Mobile users pay for answers to questions as diverse as the user’s relationship with God, whether to buy a $200 skirt, or whether someone will meet their life partner this year, ZDNet reports.

The fee is split between the app stores of Apple and Google, or the telecommunications service provider a customer happens to be with — depending on which of its services the client is using. In each case, Crowd Mobile retains between 35 percent and 75 percent.

In the financial year ending 2014, Crowd Mobile charged for more than 3.4 million questions, generating over $7.07 million US (94.47 million rand) in revenue and earning around $1.59US  (21.25 million rand) before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortisation, according to ZDNet.

In January, Crowd Mobile listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. The company, which was founded in 2009, was acquired by digital marketing company Q Limited , allowing it to make its initial public offering under a new name, Crowd Mobile Limited.

Crowd Mobile raised $2.74 million US in pre-IPO funding.