Chris Froome Begins Testing To Prove Anti-Doping Stance

Written by Peter Pedroncelli

Kenyan-born cyclist Chris Froome is determined to prove his critics wrong with regards to allegations that his incredible achievements in the sport are a result of performance enhancing antics.

Despite cycling as a British rider, 2015 Tour de France winner Froome was born in Nairobi in Kenya. At the end of the three-week race, the Team Sky cyclist became the first British rider to win cycling’s greatest race twice when he crossed the finish line in Paris, having won in 2013.

Following insinuations of doping, which were never more than speculation due to his commanding performances at the race, a French spectator threw urine at the cyclist as he passed him during the Tour de France this year, yelling “doper” as he did so.

This upset Froome immensely, as he has continuously denied such accusations and was disappointed by the way in which he was treated with disrespect by this unknown person.

This was the catalyst for Froome to begin physiological testing this week to prove that he does not make use of any illegal enhancements in terms of his performances.

Team Sky also made his medical data available to the public, which was an unusual step, but one that helped the credibility of the 30-year-old from Nairobi.

“Plenty more testing and analysis to be done. I will be sharing results later in the year,” the cyclist told media and fans, according to SuperSport.

In preparation for next year’s Olympics in Rio, Brazil, the cyclist is working with a London lab to recreate the conditions expected at the race, and is using the same lab to perform the aforementioned physiological testing to prove that he is a clean cyclist.