African Diaspora: Nigerian Chef Home-Delivers African Cuisine To NYC Diners

Written by Staff

From MadameNoire. Story by Rachael Devaney.

A Nigeria-born chef and entrepreneur living in New Jersey has made access to African cuisine a reality for all of New York City via a new website that lets diners order online and get home delivery.

In March, Ed Obimdike, owner of African Food Services, launched, an online ordering platform that partners with local restaurants to bring New Yorkers their choice of African, Afrocentric and American cuisine.

Chefs and their specialties are listed at the website, and customers from any of the five New York boroughs can choose which chef they want to cook their meal.

“Those that come and take a look will find choices like pap en vleis (loosely translated: cornmeal and meat) or shisa nyama (literally means “burn the meat” in Zulu), bunny chow (hollowed-out bread loaf filled with curry or other delicious stuff), Cape breyani and potjiekos (a traditional stew) from South Africa,” Obimdike said. “We also have kapenta with sadza (crisp-fried small fish with cornmeal) from Zimbabwe, Jollof rice and egusi soup from Nigeria, periperi chicken from Mozambique, and Koshari (Egyptian-style chilli) from Egypt.”

Once a customer makes a request on the website, chefs get an email and text message with details of the order. Once the order is cooked, chefs send the food on its way. With the bulk of the customers’ fees going to the chefs, Obimdike says it hasn’t been hard to recruit chefs from all over the city.

“We aim to serve food that originates from all parts of Africa, as well as food fusions that many of the chefs are well versed in,” Obimdike said. “We’ve really tried to incorporate a diversity of people to team up with and we hope our customers will have a lot to discover once they visit the website.”

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