MOGULDOM MENTIONS: ‘Bottoms Up’ Documentary Featured in the New York Daily News
August 15, 2014 By Rich Collier

Bottoms Up Poster

The New York Daily News newspaper featured the Bottoms Up, a  Moguldom Studios documentary film that examines the newest booming trend in aesthetic surgery – big butts. Placed under a microscope, the film explores the media’s impact and other societal pressures that have propelled big butts from a cult fetish to a mainstream phenomenon.

A new documentary from Moguldom Studios, which is known for its edgy “docutainment” films, digs into the cultural fascination with junk in the trunk.

However, “Bottoms Up,” directed by Chris Alvarez and Kurt Williamson, isn’t just about the now-mainstream fanny phenomenon. It also showcases the extreme surgical procedures, including illegal injections and implants, that some women are taking to get larger rears.

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